As we age our facial tissues sag due to the loss of tissue elasticity, muscle tone as well as the loss of volume including fat and even the facial bones. Excess skin develops into wrinkles which are exacerbated by excessive sun exposure, smoking and other factors. 

Facelifts are performed on both men and women from the age of forty-five onwards, when the signs of ageing start to appear.

A facelift is an operation which helps to reposition the tissue, restore some of the lost volume and remove some of the excess skin. A number of procedures such as neck-lift, mid-facelift and brow-lifts can be combined with lipofilling as well as eyelids aesthetic surgery. To get the best result, your plastic surgeon will use variety of techniques, depending on the quality of your skin, the amount of sagging tissue and the amount of skin which will need to be removed.

The operation is usually performed under a general anaesthetic.

A facelift has the effect of rejuvenating the face which looks genuinely fresh again. Good aftercare of the skin will make the result last. 

There are three main types of face lift surgery; traditional, minimal access cranial suspension (MACS) and keyhole surgery. Your surgeon will advise you on which method is most suitable and which will produce the best results – details of each procedure can be found below. For many people, combining a face lift with neck lift surgery ensures that the overall appearance is rejuvenated and patients who undergo this combination of procedures have reported looking 10 years younger.

Benefits of having Face Lift Surgery
  • Increased self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Looking younger

  • Feeling rejuvenated and fresher

  • Ability to wear clothes with lower necklines - no longer the need to hide behind a scarf / high-necked top

  • Easier application of make-up