BREAST AUGMENTATION - Details of operation

Are you suitable? - The most common reason for many young women to request breast augmentation surgery is the failure of their breasts to develop fully. Other less common reasons include developmental asymmetry of breast size and shape. Women with children may also be distressed by the loss of volume and shape after breast feeding is complete. Weight loss and the effect of gravity may also cause the breasts to become droopy.

Many women seek surgery because they are self-conscious and would like to restore a more feminine shape to their body. Others are dissatisfied at how difficult it is for them to find clothes to fit. Embarrassment with the shape of their breasts can cause women to avoid wearing bikinis in the summer months and in some cases their relationship with partners can also be suffer.

The use of padded bras is a simple option but very few women are truly happy with using them, especially when undressed in front to the mirror. Unfortunately no amount of upper body exercise could restore the breasts to a more youthful shape or augment their sizes.

The procedure:

Breast augmentation surgery is a relatively straight forward way to enhance or restore breast volume. The surgery is performed under a general anaesthetic. Usually an incision is made in the breast crease and a pocket is then created under the breast tissue or under the muscle (pectoral muscle) in order to accommodate the implants. Once bleeding is controlled the appropriate sized implant will be inserted and the wound closed using self-dissolving sutures. Suction drains may be inserted if judged to be necessary – these are usually removed after 24 hours. A comfortable sports bra will be applied at the end of the operation.

For patients with significant breast asymmetry (usually more than one cup size) implants of different sizes could be used in order to achieve better match. Your surgeon will help you to choose the right implant for each breast at the pre-operative consultation.

A breast uplift (mastopexy) may be combined with an augmentation if there is a significant droopiness (ptosis) due to excessive stretching of the breast skin. Your surgeon will be able to guide you in the decision making whether a mastopexy is needed in order to produce the best aesthetic result. There are a number of techniques in performing a mastopexy. In order to lessen the scarring your surgeon will use a technique that avoids making a cut along the underside of the breast. Instead the excess skin is removed in such a way that the resulting scar is located around the areola and a further one runs vertically down from the areola to the breast crease. The breast implant is inserted and the breast tissue under the skin is then repositioned higher on the chest wall. A drain is usually inserted in each side and the skin incision is then closed with self-dissolving sutures. Again a sports bra will be put on at the conclusion of the operation.