Oct 12, 2013


This young man sustained a serious hand injury when his cherry picker truck overturned at a bend on the road. His right dominant hand was crushed and unfortunately he lost the ring and little fingers. After debridement an initial attempt was made to restore the circulation to his middle finger and cover the wound on his palm with tissue from his right thigh - an antero-lateral thigh (ALT) free flap – but due to the complexity of the reconstruction this first flap did not survive and had to be removed. A few days later a second attempt was made with another ALT flap from his left thigh. It was again a highly complex operation taking many hours and this time it was successful. The flap has gone on to settle down and at an early stage he is already able to pinch with his thumb and index finger and use his right hand again. Although he faces further reconstructive surgery in future he is a very determined and brave young man who should get a decent function back for his right hand.