Trauma - Leg Reconstruction 

JEB re RD  “Excellent work on saving this girl's leg. The surgery you undertook was first class.  You have acted as the ultimate surgeon in delivering such an impeccable service to your patients”

Lower Limb reconstruction

PM “Plenty of dancing and fun!!! Thanks to you”

 Trauma – finger reconstruction

AF  “Thank you for saving my index finger which I am quite fond of!  Your bedside manner is second to none”

Reconstructive rhinoplasty 

 LS (Mum of KS) “Your calm professionalism and sense of humour ...much appreciated”

DK – “All is well here – my nose is still in place so you must have fixed it well!”

Breast Reconstruction

AN “Thank you for all you have done for me”

Abdominoplasty & ventral hernia repair 

AA “How do you thank somebody who has changed your life?  I’m totally in awe of your talent, dedication and kindness”

Breast Enhancement 

TM “Thank you for all your hard work and help.  You have given me confidence I thought I’d never have, it’s truly changed my life”

Bilateral breast reduction and mastopexy 

AC “Mr Teo...the wizard of the knife!”


 LRF “I noticed this patient had had a blepharoplasty .....fantastic result”

Breast implant exchange

EC “I feel you have given me more time on earth and I will use it well!!”


SP “Thank you for everything I am very happy with the results!”

Carpal Tunnel decompression surgery 

PE “must be your magic touch”

Needle aponeurotomies for Dupuytrens contracture 

AP “Two years on, my hand little finger is as straight as ever.  No point in sending a photograph – it would look exactly the same as the one you took in the operating theatre!”

Facial Lesions

AH (Mum of AH) “You have made a beautiful job, she was so nervous but now so pleased”

FR “Thank you for everything I can’t stop smiling at the result” 

JH “Everyone was so impressed and your name is synonymous with excellent work”

CB “I had the opportunity to experience your skills and care and I am now not at all surprised why you received the highest levels of plaudits from anyone I spoke to under your attention.”  

Mole removal 

JBF “I am extremely happy with how the scar is healing already.  Its changed my life...I feel like me again!”

SW “It’s looking great! Many thanks for your kind attention”

Skin cancer 

ED “without your expert eye and invaluable advice I would not have healed so quickly”

Skin cancer Upper Lip 

JH “Mr Teo – many thanks, I could not behappier with the result”

General comments

MA (SHO QVH) “The quality of your care and level of surgery has left me inspired”

Guildford Society of Podiatrists “We are all thankful there are surgeons like you around”.

MV re JP “She has some amazing scars from your previous surgery which are now hardly visible”

PH “I feel like a new woman! Thank you so much for your care (and magical hands). 

LS “Thank you for the skilful way you and your team put me back together!”

Marion Guntripp “Many thanks for my ‘new look’ left foot!”

ZS “Thank you for your splendid work on my face, its healing well”

GA “What a truly amazing job you do”

ED “I am so pleased to have made your acquaintance – you are a supernova!”

TCG “I can’t believe you can talk and cut so accurately at the same time, but the scar’s healed so well I’ll just have to!”

HB  “I feel very lucky and need to tell you the importance of your expertise.  I always felt I was in the best possible hands and received  the best care, which has mean the most to me”

DF “I hope all my troubles are behind me but I shall remember the dedicated skill and care given to me by you for a very long time.”

PB “You have without doubt a unique talent and I hope you do not decide to give up the reconstruction part of your work as there will be more people like me who will need you”

MM “the attention and service I received was of the highest quality”

RW “The magnificent stitching you showed me after my operation has led to practically no scar”

MF “Thank you for your skill, kindness and dedication in caring for me, it is much appreciated.”